About Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin has been called "the island that time forgot", and that's just how many of us locals like it. In a world filled with strip malls and fast food franchises, Manitoulin invites you to slow down and take a breath. Enjoy its natural beauty. Hike on its wilderness trails and go sailing in its many bays. It's the sort of place where multi-generation beef farms are not uncommon, and where a trip to town means stopping to talk with people who know your name and genuinely care how you're doing. Home to about 14 000 full time residents, Manitoulin's population swells to around 40 000 during the summer months, when city folks want to take a break and switch to what Manitouliners call "island time". Our population here might be small, but you'd be hard pressed to find another rural community that's as complete. We've got grocery stores and restaurants, hardware stores, new car dealerships and much more. In fact, the Island has everything needed to make a life. And that's just what many folks tired of city bustle have done. Whatever you do, if you come here to live, don't change the place too much.